Thursday, May 21, 2015

Doctor appt & some new changes

Hey friends!  So last I posted I was going to the doctor and going to try weigh watchers for the millionth time.  Well, new plan! LOL 

So, I went to the OBGYN as you know already if you read my last post, for an annual exam.  I ended up expressing my concerns to her about PCOS that I was checked for previously.  I told her the problems I was having now and how we wanted children and we decided for me to go back on Metformin.  I was put on it once before but I quit taking it for reasons I cant really remember.  Probably my insurance ended when I changed jobs. 

Anyways, today I took my first dose and I am trying to live a more PCOS friendly life.  I have been pretty much ignoring the fact that I have it and wondering why my body is responding so poorly to my actions! I felt a little nausea but other than that no bad side effects.  I managed to make really good and healthy choices today that I was happy with.  I had a weak moment about 15 minutes ago in the kitchen when I really wanted something sweet!  I took one sip of a cotton candy soda that hubby got me last night and then had a sugar free chocolate pudding. I have to stay away from sugar.  A little is not bad, but I need to eat whole grains and a bunch of other healthy fun stuff.


If you don't know what PCOS is just google it.  Its too much to explain lol. 

I tracked my calories today but really stopped tonight when I made dinner, but I had a lot left and it was a really good healthy dinner!

Greek grilled chicken salad!  I made the dressing with a seasoning packet and marinated the chicken in it.  I added a pita bread to it and added red onions, katamala olives, tomatoes cucumbers and feta cheese.  It was so good!  I added dressing to the salad too. 

When I was making dinner I snacked on this combination and it was really good!  I like this hummus because it was spicy instead of too garlicky. 
I think I am going to cancel my gym membership.  Hubby has never went and we had both of us on it for like almost a year!  I go but sporadically so its not really worth it, 50.00 a month just for me and Im not even going but maybe 10 days the whole month, if that!  I want to start walking again and jogging.  I love me some cardio.  I want to be outside while its so beautiful and I can get some sun! 
Well how are yall doing?  Let me know what your weekend plans are!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

6 point breakfast & 6 point lunch

Hey loves! I wanted to show you a few delicious things I have been eating lately.  Now I will say I did awful last night and pretty much this whole weekend! I will spare you the details.  I seriously have no clue how I can be motivated one SUPER motivated...and the next I could care less.  So anyways!  I will show you a delicious breakfast I had this morning, followed by another great lunch!

Everything Bagel Thin- 3pp
Cheese slice- 1pp
Whole egg- 2pp
Banana- 0pp
Total 6pp
And for your drink you could save points by having hot tea or black coffee.  I chose to use another point and have 2 tbsp. half and half.
So for lunch I was craving a pita pizza.  Now, last week I got a smart ones pepperoni pizza..and it was almost the same size and cost me 11pp!!!  That is ridiculous in my opinion. 
I can make this for about half that many points.
These are the brands of products I used.  I also used Turkey Pepperoni and you can add veggies to the top for zero points long as they are zero point veggies!
Joseph's Pita- 2pp
1/4 cup pizza sauce- 1pp
1/4 cup mozzarella cheese- 2pp
8-9 Turkey Pepperonis- 1pp
Veggie toppings- 0
This was my lunch yesterday....
Turkey & Cheese sandwich, grapes, carrots and cucumber with peach tea drink mix from walmart brand (maybe diet?) Its like crystal light.  Love the peach!
2 oz. Turkey- 2pp
1 slice cheese- 1pp
2 slices whole wheat bread- 3pp
1 Tbsp. light mayo- 1pp
Carrots- 0pp
Cucumber- 0pp
Grapes- 0pp
I also added a point for the bites I took of hubby's frozen veggie pizza.
I hope this gives you some good ideas, I love seeing what others are eating, it helps motivate me!
So in other news I have an annual appointment with the OBGYN tomorrow. 
I hate this.  I would rather sit through a 2 hour root canal than see the lady parts doctor!!
But its one small freebie from my insurance company and I better go take advantage of it.
So whatever you are doing tomorrow, just rest assured it's WAY more fun that what I will be going through around 2pm. Fun.
I will see yall later !

Friday, May 15, 2015

Weight Watchers...again?

Hey guys!  I just wanted to update you all on what has been going on. 

We got back from Alabama about 2 weeks ago.  We had went to meet our adorable little nephew, Cam and visit with a lot of Jacob's Mom's side of the family, most that I had never met!

Our selfie with Cam!  I could post pics of this adorable child all day yall.

This was our first time holding him.  Super in love. LOVE being an aunt!!!!
He is so teeny tiny and just precious. 
On the way to visit Cam, we took a little detour in Tuscaloosa to visit the University of Alabama's campus and Bryant Denny Stadium!  ROLL TIDE!

We ate at the Rama Jama yall! Any Hart of Dixie fans?  It wasn't the same but it was delicious.  And of course my phone died so we had to take the rest of the campus pics on Jacob's phone. 
Anyways after we got back, the next weekend was Mother's Day!

Loved getting to see Mom and Grandma!  Grandma finally got to come home the week after we got back from Alabama. 
Ok, so I have been doing my Taste of Truth Bible study and I have one day left. 
I have learned a lot about boundaries and why I should keep them.  I really feel like I need to do it over again and learn more but I have decided to start weight watchers again.  I feel like a broken record. 
Anyways, let me explain. 
I love the fact I can eat 0 pt foods and not be hungry and I have the cushion of the 49 weeklies.  I am not going to lie yall, it has been hard starting back any weight loss wagon since I gained all this weight back.  Last year this time I was at my lowest for Aprils wedding and I am ashamed to say I have gained like 30 lbs. 
I have been counting points for 2 days and I feel a lot better.  I am going to try to do 5 posts a week because I really want to grow this blog.  I am going to try to post my food for the day or any recipes or neat things I try.  I have a lot of yummy things I have been eating lately. 
And I am already for fall, so I shall leave you with this pic of a candle.  The candle really smells like nothing burning but the name of it makes me happy. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weigh in, Recent Eats & Temptations

So just this past week I have been tempted with 2 dozen donuts, one Krispy Kreme and one Dunkin Donuts, Cake, Cupcakes, Brownie Bites and tonight a huge sheet cake.  I have to say tonight I was not even tempted though!  Thank the Lord!! I made a delicious Orange Fluff to take to Book Club and I had that and some Smart Popcorn. 

Anyways, I just had to share that.  By the way, I only had one mini brownie bite on sunday and a small bite of hubby's donut on saturday.  :)

OK, so on to the weigh in, I was down 4.6 lbs!  SO happy!  It was more yesterday but I will take it because today has been a legit week.  God has really been helping me y'all.  Sometimes it is so hard but I have really tried to stay within my boundaries. 

Today I had peanut butter toast, a banana and a cheese stick for breakfast.

I cleaned all day long except for when I went to the store.  I also went to Dance Cardio later this afternoon.  For lunch I had an egg salad sandwich with soup.

I am sorry there is no pic of dinner. I had to scarf down a ranch chicken taco and some rice and a dallop of fat free refried beans in order to make it to Book Club on time in the rain.  I brought my Orange Fluff (which was delicious!) and had a bit of popcorn.  I was mindful and tried not to munch thoughtlessly..which can happen with my girlfriends! 

Anyways, I got in an hour workout besides cleaning the house and I am sore and tired now lol.  I also re-cleaned the kitchen when I got home from all the dinner mess. 

Well I hope you all had a wonderful day today.  I am already looking forward to ranch chicken taco leftovers tomorrow.  LOL.  Don't forget to friend me on myfitnesspal if you want to, it's lauryn86. Good night!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Auntie Lauryn is Back!!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in with you all and give you a little good news update on me.  I know I have not been posting regularly and I'm sorry! I am really going to try to post more often, maybe even every day.  We will see.  However, I wanted to let you know that this week I have felt like my old self!

My old self when I first started this blog!  Y'all remember her?

She weighed herself everyday.
She tracked her food. 
She worked out.
She believed in herself.

That's me! 

This week I have tracked my food and worked out doing dance cardio at the gym four days this week!  Plus we helped our friends move yesterday so that is even more calories burned!  The Lord has really drew me back to Him and the root of my problem. I have been doing a 30 day weight loss Bible study that I LOVE!!! It has changed my life through going to God and giving myself boundaries. I will tell y'all more about it later this week.  I just wanted this to be a welcome back post and update. 

The scale has been moving great so far this week and tomorrow morning will be my one week weigh in and I will let y'all know how I did.  So far, so good!  I am still using Myfitnesspal and counting calories, except for fruits and veggies.  Every morning starts with a sensible breakfast and coffee and its a wonderful thing to look forward to in the morning!  I have so enjoyed getting back in the gym as well, and seeing some old classmates as well as teachers.  It has been a few months since I have been in the gym! 

How is the family?  Well Hubby is still doing his own business and working while Mom and Dad are living outside of Charleston.  I really miss them!  The little brother is still in the Marines and doing pretty good.  Keep him in your prayers though! Oh, Jacob and I have gotten new titles as of this week... UNCLE and AUNT!  His sister had her baby and our nephew Cam is just EDIBLE!! We cant wait to go hold him next week in Alabama.  It is crazy to think of myself as an aunt, but I just LOVE it!! I have already spoiled him with the cutest outfits and I am getting a blanket embroidered for him.  We also got him a teeny tiny Cam Newton jersey.  Uncle Jacob has one too and we are going to take pictures of them in their matching jerseys! I already love him so much :)

I have been involved in a Bible Study, a book club and now another Bible Study that meets on Thursday mornings and I am loving it!  This newest one has older ladies in it too that I am learning a lot from!  We have been trying a new church and we really enjoy it! Lets see...what else?  Well not everything is sunshine and rainbows.  I have been feeling emotional lately and really trying to understand some people and things in my life.  I feel like not everyone agrees with my choice to stay home but it's the best thing I could have ever done. I feel judged a lot but I know no one is going to agree with my life all the time.  I feel like God wanted me to do this, Jacob wanted me to, and I needed to.  I am learning about how to keep a home now more than I ever have in my life and I love it.  My husband has to go away on jobs a lot and travel different places every week and I want our home to be cozy and welcoming to him.  A safe haven for both of us.  Clean and neat at the end of the night for the next morning.  The smell of coffee and clean linen and shadows of brightly lit candles. I feel like women should feel less pressure to work outside of the home.  Why has it went from something so normal to now so abnormal? 

I will try to do a post on my Bible study soon and come back tomorrow to tell y'all about the weight loss.  I really feel like my old self again and it's great. I had a lot of changes in life and a lot of adjustments and I am just so happy that I feel normal again.

How is yall's weight loss journey going?  Life in general?  Have you made a career change?  Id love to know what you have been up to!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Recent Eats!

Happy Friday All!  I know it's been a while since I have posted but I recently talked with a sweet friend & reader (hey Katie!) who asked me about my blogging.  I really need to get back on track with it!  I told her I would do a food post soon, so here is!

I have actually got back on track this week and Jacob has even been using Myfitnesspal with me.  I am trying to eat around 1490 calories a day and if you want to add me on there feel free to, I keep my diary open. 

Ok so for breakfast almost every day this week I have had Rasin Bran.  I have been craving it lately but loved it all my life. 
And always coffee!!  I have recently quit putting sweetner in my coffee and I love it with just creamer.  I have a cup of cereal with about a half a cup of one percent milk.  It's so good.
For lunch Wednesday I had two leftover grilled hot dogs with cucumber "chips" dipped in one tbsp. blue cheese dressing.  It was very tasty!
We have been really enjoying the Walmart brand of Crystal Light lemonade lately. 
For lunch yesterday I had the Progresso light chicken cheese enchilada soup (very good!) with a ham and cheese sandwich toasted with spicy brown mustard and banana peppers.  This is delicious and I got the idea from Deb Anderson on youtube.
I had more cucumber "chips" with another tbsp of blue cheese.
In other news I have been loving my new study Bible I bought on my birthday with some birthday money and a 40% off coupon!  Its the The New Inductive Study Bible, ESV version. I can highlight and write in it and it has wide margins for notes.  I have really enjoyed it this week!
For a snack yesterday I had an apple cut up with Trader Joes cinnamon sugar grinder sprinkled over it.  It was very good!
Last night was Taco Thursday in our household and it was delicious if I do say so myself! 
I ended up having two soft tacos, one hard shell taco and one cup of rice with 1/4 cup beans.  I sprinkled some cheese, taco sauce and light sour cream along with tomatoes and lettuce on top.  It was so good!
I really tried not to eat anymore as I was putting it away but I did steal a few tiny bites.  But this is way better than I have been doing lately!  Since Monday I have lost 3 lbs so that makes me happy!
I also have been loving some popsicles from Walmart that are only 50 calories a piece.  I had two last night.  I also chewed a bunch of gum while watching Netflix with the husband. 
I am going to try to keep doing these, let me know if y'all like them.
 I hope y'all have a great weekend!   

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Trip 2015

I wanted to go ahead and recap Valentine's Day on here not only for yall but because I love to be able to look back at days in my life on this blog and remember the good times. 

It's safe to say we definitely went all out for Valentines this year!

In years past we have NEVER done anything remotely like this.  We got together when we were basically young kids, hubby wasn't even 20 years old.  So I have seen much cheaper Valentine's in our 11 (almost 12) years together!

Usually we end up going out to dinner and to a movie.  Sometimes we don't even get to celebrate on the actual day due to hubby being out of town working.  He is pretty good about getting me flowers and chocolate I will say :) But one of my favorite Valentine's days was a few years ago when we had steak and shrimp at home and watched Saving Private Ryan (super romantic right?!).

But let's just say this year is super different than any others in the past and Jacob worked a LOT last year so our time together is precious.  I wanted this year to be special and so did he.  I suggested we go out of town, he wanted to be a tourist in our own city so that is what we did!  We live about 30-40 minutes from Charlotte so we booked a (very expensive) night at the Marriott City Center.

I really wish I would have planned this ahead better! I waited until the last minute to get dinner reservations and if I had researched more I would have gotten us tickets to the Phantom of the Opera at the Belk Theatre!  They had a symphony and another play going on close to downtown as well but they were all sold out or not working with our time schedule. 

So let's start at the beginning shall we?

Of course every valentines day starts with a little tift over breakfast.  Ha! 

We went to Cracker barrel to eat.  Long wait and I was not in the mood to stay in the warm store with tons of people crowding around me.  We went to Ihop.  Wait as well with people everywhere inside.  We decided to go to bojangles.  We were starving and snippy due to horrible drivers in traffic so breakfast was not the most romantic thing HA!

We went to the Target at the Metropolitan (a shopping center) on our way to uptown (which is downtown, we are weird here in Charlotte) and then we went to the hotel to see if we could check in early.  Much to our surprise, we could! 

We got a city view room as requested and the nice guy at check in even gave us complimentary parking in the garage (18.00 savings!) which was super awesome of him!  Plus they had delicious little fancy chocolates at the desk for us to grab. 

Y'all.  The beds were heaven.  I am not kidding, best hotel bed I have ever slept in.  Soft down comforter, the pillows were wonderful, soft mattress; not too firm not too soft.  JUST right. 
So we decided to go out and explore a bit!  Now, I don't know why it has never really occurred to me but in the center city area there is no retail shops.  SO weird!  I was highly disappointed we had no where to shop or even browse! Ha!!
But we walked around a lot and just enjoyed being together.  We checked out the Epicenter which is fairly new.  It is seriously overrated though.  They have a Studio Movie Grill where you can watch movies and eat and drink if you wish.  They have some bars, which I don't do, and a ton of restaurants.  Meh.  Once again no shopping.  We ended up eating at a Japanese "fast food" type place and our food took forever to come out.  It wasn't even that good and cost like 20.00. 
Later we went back to the hotel and relaxed a bit and decided we should do the Carriage rides that they give around the city.  It was 25.00 for two people for 20 minutes!  The cheap person in me told Jacob that was ridiculous and he agreed but we were sick of walking and this was the most entertaining thing they were offering ha.  It was quite romantic I must say!  I was glad we did it and spent the money. 
After that we got Starbucks.  I got a raspberry mocha and it came with a cookie.  Jacob got the same.

We walked around outside some more, exploring our city!

We found the restaurant that we had reservations at later that night.  It was very close to our hotel which was nice!  Yall it was so cold!
And I noticed at the Belk Theatre that Dirty Dancing is coming in June!  I HAVE to go see this!
So we went back to the hotel and I took a relaxing bubble bath with some aromatherapy suds Bestie had given me for Valentines, thanks Bestie!
Hubby had been quite secretive all day.  The night before he had brought me home a present but no flowers which surprised me because he pretty much always gets me flowers.  But still I was happy!  It was a cute little bear, starbucks k cups, and chocolate!
He knows the way to my heart haha! 
So while I am bathing he leaves to go downstairs, comes back up acting even weirder making sure I am still in the tub lol.  I get out of the bath and there is a beautiful vase of flowers with chocolate truffles! He even upgraded the vase to a mason jar vase he said, he is so sweet!  He had them delivered to the hotel and apparently they had been downstairs since 11am! He had been asking since right after check in so he was a tad annoyed that no one bothered to let him know. Lol. 
But they were beautiful and I was so happy!  I have never gotten flowers delivered!
Our dinner reservation was at 9:30 and so I got myself ready and had to take some selfies haha. 

After gaining all this weight it is a rare thing for me to feel pretty anymore. And typing this I am realizing how sad and true it is! 

Anyways we got dressed and entered a wind that can only be compared to the Wizard of Oz!  WOOSH! All my beautiful curls.  I grabbed hubby back inside and made him take a pic with me in case my hair got all messed up later LOL!

We so fancy!
Our reservations were at Luce and I was going out on a limb here.  No one recommended it that I knew and I had never heard of it but it was fantastic Italian cuisine!  The manager was our server and he was wonderful the entire time and I felt like a princess there!  It was a very expensive meal but the experience was worth every penny!

I got the gnocchi pasta with a meat sauce and Jacob got the Mare (which was pasta and a whole lot of seafood).  We also got Caesar salads and it came with delicious bread and a little dish of cantellini bean mixture.  For desert we had a crème brulee to share! Amazing!
And last I will leave you with a picture of our beautiful queen city lit up at night time.  This was the Duke Energy building lit up pink!

It was such a romantic little trip.  The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel which was included in the package for free (normally 17.00 a person!) and it was incredibly delicious! 

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day...this has been my favorite day all year, so far! :)